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Register Your Product for Testing

Information about the Compliance Program can be found on the Compliance Homepage. To register your product for testing please login and register here.

Test Matrix

Testing will be completed using USB4™ Compliance Matrix and USB4™ Product Test Matrix.

Test Specifications

USB4 Electrical Testing

USB4 Electrical Compliance Test Specification (Version 1.03 June 8, 2022)

USB4 TP3 Embedding Files

USB4 Gen 3 TP3 Embedding File

USB4 Gen 2 TP3 Embedding File

Compliance Test Specifications covered in USB4CV

Download these here.

USB4 Approved Oscilloscopes and BERTs

The list below is the complete list of all approved USB4 oscilloscopes and BERTs. All Scopes and BERTs meet the minimum requirements defined in the USB4 Electrical CTS.

  • Keysight Oscilloscope V, Z, and UXR series.

  • Tektronix Oscilloscope DX and SX series

  • Teledyne LeCroy Oscilloscope LABMASTER 10-36ZI-A with FW version (build 278085)

  • Anritsu BERT MP1800 with external Emphasis box MP1825B and MP1900

  • Keysight BERT M8020/M8040 series.

USB4 Interoperability Test Procedures For Peripherals, Hubs, Host

USB4 Interoperability Test Procedures For Peripherals, Hubs, Host version 1.01 (October 22, 2021)

Test Tools

Please visit the USB Compliance Tools page for downloads.