USB Implementers Forum

The USB Implementers Forum, Inc. (USB-IF) was established in 1995 to support and accelerate the market and consumer adoption of USB compliant peripherals. Today, the USB-IF has more than 1,000 member companies and has led the way in helping companies introduce hundreds of USB-compliant products to the market. Members of the USB-IF enjoy many benefits including eligibility to participate in the USB-IF Compliance Program.

How to Join the USB Implementers Forum

The Membership Agreement

This is a PDF document that should be completed and emailed to The annual membership fee is US$5,000. Payment options will be provided once the Membership Agreement is received.

USB-IF Antitrust Guidelines

The Board of Directors of the USB-IF have adopted Antitrust Guidelines intended to educate and to govern the conduct of members and participants at USB-IF sponsored activities.

USB-IF Code of Conduct

The USB-IF Code of Conduct is designed to allow the USB-IF to comply with the law and to preserve its integrity and credibility with the public, the industry, and within the Forum. This Code applies to all staff, volunteers, directors, members, and any third-party service providers or contractors working with the USB-IF.

USB-IF Confidentiality Policy

The USB-IF Board of Directors have adopted a confidentiality policy that applies to Members of the USB-IF and employees of Members, as well as officers, directors, committee members, chairs, staff, volunteers and participants in the USB-IF.


USB-IF Member Benefits

Eligibility to participate in free USB-IF sponsored quarterly Compliance Workshops
Free Vendor ID (if one has not been previously assigned)
Opportunities to participate in USB-IF marketing programs and events, such as retail newsletters, store endcaps, featured products, etc
A company listing in the USB key contacts list
Eligibility for inclusion in the USB current products list on the web site and in periodic USB-IF retail newsletters
A waived logo administration fee when joining the USB-IF logo program
Discounts on Developer Conferences, products in the e-store, etc
Eligibility to participate in Device Working Groups
And many others...

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