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These lists and search functionalities are sponsored by USB Implementers Forum, Inc., (USB-IF). Lists are maintained by USB-IF members themselves and USB-IF does not take responsibility for contents. This product search is limited to only those products that are certified to bear the USB-IF logo. Although the listing is maintained by each member company individually, it is limited to those products that have passed the USB-IF Compliance Program. If you are interested in a specific product you do not find in the listing, you should contact the manufacturer directly to determine when the product will be certified to bear the USB-IF logo.

Note: Some PD 2.0 E-Markers certified prior to April of 2017 may not operate below 5V. When selecting an E-marker for implementation please contact the manufacturer and confirm that the E-marker operates down to 2.75V as this is critical for the certification of end-product cable assemblies.

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NOTE: The Public Product list display defaults to only display products certified within the last two years. Products with Certification Dates older than 2 years may fail the current iteration of the USB-IF Compliance Program. When purchasing USB products listed below with Certification Dates older than 2 years it is the vendors responsibility to ensure the product meets current standards.

To see products certified prior to two years from today please use the date filter. You may type in the dates you wish to search by using the MM/DD/YYYY format.