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These lists and search functionalities are sponsored by USB Implementers Forum, Inc., (USB-IF). Lists are maintained by USB-IF members themselves and USB-IF does not take responsibility for contents. This product search is limited to only those products that are certified to bear the USB-IF logo. Although the listing is maintained by each member company individually, it is limited to those products that have passed the USB-IF Compliance Program. If you are interested in a specific product you do not find in the listing, you should contact the manufacturer directly to determine when the product will be certified to bear the USB-IF logo.

NOTE: Products with Certification Dates older than 2 years may fail the current iteration of the USB-IF Compliance Program. When purchasing USB products listed below with Certification Dates older than 2 years it is the vendors responsibility to ensure the product meets current standards.

Note: Some PD 2.0 E-Markers certified prior to April of 2017 may not operate below 5V. When selecting an E-marker for implementation please contact the manufacturer and confirm that the E-marker operates down to 2.75V as this is critical for the certification of end-product cable assemblies.

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