USB-IF Honor Roll Awards

The USB-IF Honor Roll Awards
The USB-IF Honor Roll Awards celebrate the unparalleled success and enduring legacy of the USB interface across every aspect of computing and consumer technology today. These awards recognize the pioneers and advocates who have shaped the USB specification.


The First 10 Years

The inaugural "The First 10 Years" award highlights the visionaries who laid the groundwork for USB's ubiquitous presence in computing and consumer technology. These recipients are honored for their pivotal roles in defining and championing the initial USB specification, setting a precedent for collaboration and innovation within the industry.


Ajay Bhatt

Abdul R. Ismail

Sue Vining

John Garney

Richard Petrie

Ed Beeman

Jim Pappas

Geert Knapen

Ron Schooley

Stephen Whalley

Bart Vertenten

Terry Remple

Bala Cadambi

Paul Berg

Shelagh Callahan

Brad Hosler

Ralph Smith

Steve McGowan

John Howard

Kugao Ouchi

Nathan Sherman

Dan Froelich

Masami (Matt) Katagiri

Dave Thompson

Jim Choate

Yoshiyuki Tomoda

Nobuo Furuya

John Keys

Fred Bhesania



The USB-IF Honor Roll Going Forward

The USB-IF Honor Roll will continue to honor individuals whose contributions have left an indelible mark on the USB technology specification and will acknowledge the remarkable achievements of those who have propelled USB to its unparalleled status.