Getting a Vendor ID

If you are a new USB product developer looking to get a vendor ID for your company, there are two preferred options for doing this:

1. Become a member of the USB-IF. Among the many benefits of being a member is the assignment of a vendor ID to your company (if one has not been previously assigned). The annual membership fee is US$5,000. Download the membership application form below.

2. Become a USB-IF non-member logo licensee. Logo licensees are eligible to use the USB logo in conjunction with products that pass USB-IF compliance testing. In addition, you must also purchase a vendor ID if one has not been previously assigned to your company. The licensing fee is US$3,500 for a two year term (this fee is waived for USB-IF members). Click on the link to download the below documents to become a logo licensee.  

Logo Trademark License Agreement and Logo Usage Guidelines 

If your company does not already have a Vendor ID number, your company must execute and return the Vendor ID form along with your USB-IF Trademark License Agreement. The Vendor ID is US$6,000. Please keep in mind that becoming a USB-IF Logo Licensee alone does not entitle your company to USB-IF membership benefits.

If you would like to purchase a vendor ID without signing the logo license agreement, the fee for this purchase is US$6,000. If you do not execute the logo license agreement, you are not authorized to use the USB logo in conjunction with your products regardless of their testing status.