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USB4 CV Host System

The USB4 CV Host system is utilized in USB4 CV Testing.  The PC system comprises an USB4 Add-In Host Card configured specifically for USB4 CV testing.

This item is available to USB-IF Members only.. Please note this product has a lead of approximately one month. USB4 CV Host System can be ordered by completing and emailing the USB-IF Product Order Form

USB Type-C® Authentication Compliance Bridge (ACB)

The USB Type-CTM Authentication Compliance Bridge (ACB) used with the USB Type-CTM Authentication Test Suite in USB3CV to allow testing of USB PD Authentication Responders. The ACB is required for testing USB PD Sources, Sinks, and Cables that support USB Type-CTM Authentication. The ACB is not needed to test USB devices.

QuadraMAX USB Type-C® and PD Tester

The USB-IF QuadraMAX is an official hardware platform for several certification testing functionalities.  It is an electronic load for the USB Type-C and PD Source Power Tests (SPT), a cable tester for USB Type-C End Product Cable tests (EPC), and it provides a manual control window for custom load testing and PD traffic generation.
The applicable testing specs are available in the Document Library:
USB Type-CTM and Power Delivery Source Power Requirements Test Specification
USB Type-CTM End Product Cable Test Plan
The software can be found here.

QuadraMAX Tool Details

  • The QuadraMAX consists of four sink ports.
  • Up to three QuadraMAXes can be linked for testing devices with up to 12 ports.
  • Each sink can load 100W.  Across four ports the QuadraMAX can maintain 320W load, with a peak of 400W.
  • QuadraMAX uses a CC load and a CR load.  The CR load is achieved with a 75us FW feedback loop.
  • QuadraMAX Vbus tolerance before load drops is 2 V - 2.5 V.  
  • QuadraMAX captures Vbus voltage and current in 15us - 250us adjustable sample rates.  Captures taken during connect / disconnect / voltage transition / load transition / hard reset.
  •  Port 4 can also be programmed to a 5V 5A source.  This is used during cable testing and can also be done for manual debug through the QuadDraw Reins window.
  •  Port 1 has a switchable ground isolation from the other ports during the cable drop test.
  • QuadDraw automatically updates to the latest software and firmware when the controlling computer has an internet connection.

Each QuadraMAX includes the following:

  • Qty 1 - QuadraMAX
  • Qty 1 - Power Supply with ferrite core (12V 4.2A)