Integrated Usage Table Requests

The following HID Usage Table Review Requests have been approved for implementation by the USB Device Working Group HID Committee and integrated into the latest HID Usage Table. These Review requests assign enumeration values and recommended meaning to new Usages allocated after the publication of the HID Usage Tables v1.12. Please note that the creation of a new Usage does not imply support for that Usage by any USB HID Host vendor.

Review Request 100: Correcting Lighting and Illumination Page Table descriptions66.29 KB
Review Request 101:  Emoji Picker
Review Request 102:  Human Presence Biometric Detection Kind
Review Request 103:  Transducer Serial Number More Significant bits
Review Request 104:  Generalized Stylus No Preferred Color
Review Request 105:  Stylus Haptics
Review Request 106:  Call State Management Control
Review Request 107:  Human Attention Detection
Review Request 108: Stylus Transducer Index Selector
Review Request 109: SoC Page
Review Request 110: System Microphone Mute
Review Request 111: Touchpad Button Press Threshold