Integrated Usage Table Documents

Usage Tables for HID Power Devices

The Usage Tables for HID Power Devices 1.0 specification provides information to guide implementers in using the USB logical structures for Power Devices, OS designers, BIOS designers, and peripheral and UPS designers can use the common descriptors, of USB Power Device Usages and Reports.

Monitor Control Class Specification

The Monitor Control Class 1.0 specification defines how a monitor with a USB Monitor Control interface interacts with a USB-enabled host system.

HID Point Of Sale Usage Tables

The HID Point Of Sale Usage Tables 1.02 document defines usages that apply to Point of Sale devices, in particular Barcode Scanners and Scales.

OAAD Arcade Usage Table

The OAAD Arcade Usage Table document defines usages for coin changers, general purpose digital inputs and outputs, and other devices used in arcade products.

Gaming Standards Association Gaming Device Standards

The Gaming Standards Association defines HID Usages and HID Reports used in the implementation of GSA-compliant Gaming Devices such as currency handlers, gaming-specific printers, etc. Their standards relating to USB HID implementations can be found here.