Deprecated Links and Tools

HID Descriptor Tool

This tool allows you to create, edit and validate HID Report Descriptors. The tool also supports a variety of output formats (.txt, .inc, .h, etc.). DT uses ASCII based Usage Tables and supports vendor defined pages as well. Included are Usage Table files for the HID Usage Table document 1.0 Release Candidate 1, Monitor Class 1.0 Release Candidate 2, and Power Class Spec. Read the included README.TXT file for more information.


This program, found in the USBCheck, is now obsolete. Its replacement is USBCV.

HID White Papers


The Unicode web site ( allows you to download the latest character tables for free. Check it before you finalize a design because new ones are always in process.

The Nadine Kano book, "Developing International Software" which was used as key reference for Unicode, is out of print. It can still be obtained in a CD-ROM version as part of the Microsoft Developers Network (MSDN) subscription. Subscription information can be obtained at the MSDN web site ( Or it can be accessed for free online at the MSDN Library. The book can be found under "Books / Developing International Software".

To get the latest LANGID definitions go to This page will change as new LANGIDs are added.

Note that the HID Primary LANGID (0x0FF) is not on the above list, however it is permanently reserved and will never be reassigned.

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